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Churchill's Gone Missing?

I can't find any mention whatsoever of two of the UK's premier family groupings. Both are regarded as part of British Heritage. I am referring to the Churchill's, who I understand had a property around Aish.

The other were the Bigwoods who although originally from the New Forest region certainly made it into Devon. Any thoughts?


Roger Choat

Roger Choat more than 6 years ago

Churchills Gone Missing? (Reply To)

Hello there,

The Churchwards, not the Churchills owned a property named Hill House in Stoke Gabriel. I came across this while doing some family history research. I have two seperate Churchwards who were my 13x great grandparents. One of them, Wilmott Churchward was married in 1540 in Stoke Gabriel. The other one, Thomas was probably married a few years before that.
William Churchward and his wife Maude were apparently deeded land by Edward IV in 1478 in and around Stoke Gabriel. And also according to this website it was around this time that the initial building of Hill House (Gabriel Court) was undertaken:

Thank you very much

Richard Ebdon more than 3 years ago