What's In A Name

Slapton - a jewel of a village nestled in a hollow half a mile from one of our country’s most precious nature reserves – derives its name from Old English. Read more

Place names are amazing things – we stop thinking about the implications of them, and just think of them as the places themselves. They become a dull detail of our everyday lives. Read more

Blackawton is nestled away from the beaten track – it’s home to a tight-knit community and is one of the most idyllic places to be in Devon. Read more

Like many places in Dartmouth, Bayard’s Cove is a beautiful place, soaked in history and beloved by all who visit it – but surely Bayard’s Cove is the most NAMED place in the whole of the town. Read more

Castles & Historic Places

A challenge to walk up and a beautiful place from which to see the whole town of Dartmouth laid out below you – but where does the name of Crowther’s Hill come from? It’s not that straightforward… Read more

Dittisham is a wonderful place – for visitors it seems the living embodiment of a simple, peaceful idyll of Devon life. Its name is one of the simplest and yet most wonderful things about it. Read more

Duke Street, Clarence Street and Clarence Hill lie in the centre of Dartmouth, each with a rich history and strong historical ties. Read more

‘And on your right is Warfleet Creek, so named because it was where the ships from Dartmouth sheltered before heading out on the 2nd and 3rd Crusades’. Or was it? Read more

Things to Do

Kingswear sits on the east bank of the River Dart (the 'sunny side"!) opposite Dartmouth boasting a long and important history. Read more


Picture by David Mitchell (photographed from the air using a kite)

Cornworthy is a village that has a lot going for it: a thriving community, beautiful rolling hills and some wonderful old buildings. Read more


Strete © Nick Shepherd

Strete - that stunning village along the A379 - gets its name from the Anglo Saxon word “Straet”, which is itself derived from the Latin ‘Via Strata’ meaning a paved road. Read more

Stoke Gabriel, up river from Dartmouth and Kingswear, is a beautiful and peaceful village which has been occupied for more than 1,000 years. Read more


St Georges Dittisham

© Copyright Joan Lloyd

Beautiful villages surround Dartmouth and most of them have stunning and interesting churches. Read more

Things to Do

Tuckenhay Village

Tuckenhay Village © Derek Harper

There are few places that I know of that are named after a definitive person who ‘founded’ them - but Tuckenhay is one of them. Read more