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Clean-up at Torcross January 2015

Major sea defence project gets underway at the start of 2015 A major project to move 27,000 tonnes of shingle to shore up exposed sea defences at Torcross which were laid bare by the 2014 storms is now well underway along Slapton Line. Read more

Beaches & Sea

A list of B&B's, hotels, campsites etc in and around the village of Torcross. Read more

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Photographer Jennifer Rowlandson, Tiverton

Most villages grow organically, their original founding date lost in the mists of time, with scant mentions in old documents which is all we have to gauge their age. Not so Torcross. Read more

The pretty South Hams village of Torcross nestles between the beach and the fresh water lake (Ley) nature reserve. The village is at the western end of Slapton Sands in the centre of Start Bay. Read more