Slapton Sands

Slapton Sands is a fantastic stretch of beach bordering Start Bay. Popular with fisherman, dog walkers etc, it has a rich and important history.

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Clean-up at Torcross January 2015

Major sea defence project gets underway at the start of 2015 A major project to move 27,000 tonnes of shingle to shore up exposed sea defences at Torcross which were laid bare by the 2014 storms is now well underway along Slapton Line. Read more

Beaches & Sea

A list of B&B's, hotels, campsites etc in and around the village of Slapton. Read more

Where To Stay

Lots to do and see on the beach, in the water, under rocks in the day and the night! Read more

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Near to Slapton Sands stands a Sherman Tank that was sunk in action and has now been recovered. Read more

Castles & Historic Places

Slapton Ley is a virtually unique habitat, created by an extremely rare set of environmental circumstances – a freshwater lake fed by five streams within a few metres of the sea, protected by a shifting shingle bank. Read more

Beaches & Sea

To prepare for the successful invasion of occupied France, it was vitally important that all troops underwent a series of training schedules and then full-scale exercises under conditions resembling those of the 5 landing points in Normandy. Read more

During the opening weeks of 1944, Slapton Sands and area became the scene of great activity as Allied troops trained for the D-Day landings. Read more

Slapton village lies in a hollow about a half mile from the beach; sheltered by a low hill ridge and separated from the sea by the fresh-watered Slapton Ley Read more

Ideas to keep the children occupied - July 2013. Sugary Cove; Berry Head; Slapton Sands Memorial; Play Station in Totnes Read more

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