September 2011 Issue

September 2011 The Dart Front Cover

The following articles are just a selection of those that appeared in the September 2011 issue of By The Dart magazine (see cover opposite).

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"A life messing about in boats lands Nick with his dream job" - Nick Clarance, Assistant Harbourmaster Read more


The Third out of Four Nail-Biting installments... Read more

Sometimes something is important enough to have an argument over. In Dartmouth, very few things have caused as much argument as the building of the Embankment in the 19th Century. Read more

Slapton Ley is a virtually unique habitat, created by an extremely rare set of environmental circumstances – a freshwater lake fed by five streams within a few metres of the sea, protected by a shifting shingle bank. Read more

Beaches & Sea

South Devon’s Natwest Local CEO Steve Aldridge and Dartmouth branch manager Alison Bostock told By The Dart about a new community initiative and why the bank’s Customer Charter is working for their customers. Read more

Local Services 1 Comments

You walk into your kitchen in the evening, switch on a light, turn on the radio and then light your gas hob to cook your evening meal (assuming that is you’re not in Kingswear in which you grimace again at the cost of oil!). Read more

Local Services

The Flavel is always looking to recruit additional volunteers; so if you love live theatre, music, opera, art, comedy, film or simply meeting people. Read more

The Maltsters Arms is situated on the stunning Bow Creek in an idyllic spot. Read more

Food & Drink

Following in the footsteps of Dartmouth’s Thomas Newcomen - whose steam engine spearheaded the industrial revolution - a Blackawton physicist is at the forefront of the race for a viable alternative to oil. Read more


A challenge to walk up and a beautiful place from which to see the whole town of Dartmouth laid out below you – but where does the name of Crowther’s Hill come from? It’s not that straightforward… Read more

Brian Ridalls, 85 years young, has had a life which has been linked to the river since the day he was born. Read more


After more than a year with no captain at the helm, due to the traditional church custom of keeping a period of interregnum between clergy, Father Will is the new vicar of the Parish of Dartmouth and Dittisham. Read more


Life at the Academy - which is just starting its second year as an all through educational campus for nursery to19 year olds – is always hectic, fun and challenging for its staff – and no less for Principal Nick Hindmarsh. Read more

Nature Notes for September 2011

The end of August and throughout September is the peak of the autumn bird migration with many of our summer species heading south to avoid the rigours of the northern winter. Read more

Nature Notes

Health & Beauty - September 2011

You are what you eat - Health & Beauty by Rowena Kitchen Read more

Health & Beauty

"How the crew keep warm and dry when on a shout" News from the Dart Lifeboats by John Fenton Read more

Beaches & Sea