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Star of one of Britain’s most popular television shows of the 1970s: the Onedin Line. Read more

Local History

Elections in 1859 were very different from today: it was dubbed the time of the ‘rotten borough’ and Dartmouth was the site of an election as rotten as a very rotten thing. Read more

Local History

Hero & Spy Catcher - by Phil Scoble Read more

Local History

Dr Smith - economics expert, noted astronomer, Justice of the Peace and Mayor of Dartmouth - gave the gift of the perfect tool, named the Spectroscope, to astronomers. He was only sixteen. Read more

Local History

Dartmouth has always been a port – and at times a rough and ready one. It has seen armies, navies and spies but in 1919 it had never seen a trial for murder in modern times. Read more

Local History

In 1906, Dartmouth Borough Council was involved in an event for which there is only one word: tragedy. Read more

Local History

It took 613 years but when Dartmouth finally picked a female mayor, they didn’t make a bad choice. Dorothy “Dolly” Holwill was a very fine mayor indeed Read more


Dartmouth’s first Baron did well in his career, but ultimately backed the wrong King and was packed off to the tower. Read more

Local History

Kingswear and the Royal Dart Hotel were part of some of the Second World War’s most exciting and clandestine activities as the home of the 15th Gunboat Flotilla: HMS Cicala. Read more

Local History

Rev John Priestly Foster - Dartmouth's most controversial cleric Read more

Local History

Exercise Tiger - Landing at Slapton

by kind permission of the Dartmouth Museum

April 2014 marks the 70th Anniversary of Exercise Tiger – a tragedy on the South Devon coast that contributed directly to the success of D-Day, the greatest invasion from the sea in history. Read more

Local History

Nick Shillabeer is a nationally renowned graphic designer who has gratefully returned to Dartmouth to ply his trade after years in the London rat race. Read more


Retired naval officer and a First Lieutenant of the Royal Yacht BRITANNIA talks to By The Dart about his naval past. Read more


Educationalist and Commonwealth Games medallist, Sue Pudduck talks to By The Dart Read more


It might seem a strange career progression to go from session musician to army psychologist to hostage negotiator to leadership and business guru – but John Potter doesn’t think so: Read more



Photographer Jennifer Rowlandson, Tiverton

Most villages grow organically, their original founding date lost in the mists of time, with scant mentions in old documents which is all we have to gauge their age. Not so Torcross. Read more

“What’s so special about Dartmouth?” Five Reasons why Dartmouth is one of the best places to live, or visit, in the world. Read more

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Stoke Fleming Church

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Stoke Fleming’s name has clues not only to its beauty, but also its previous owner, after it was given to him by a conquering monarch. Stoke Fleming is beautiful, with a bustling community and friendly inhabitants. Read more

Slapton - a jewel of a village nestled in a hollow half a mile from one of our country’s most precious nature reserves – derives its name from Old English. Read more

Dartmouth shines as a jewel in the South West – and its history is as glittering as many much larger and more famous ports. Read more

Dartmouth is a very dog-friendly town, with most of its pubs welcoming canines, and even offering treats too! Read more

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The River Dart is much more than a waterway: it is the lifeblood of the towns along its length, the focus of much of the enjoyable activity which attracts people to the area and a source of pride for all who live along it. Read more

River Dart

Phil Scoble outlines the best short, medium and long walks with your dog in/around Dartmouth. Read more

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