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By The Dart October 2015

Personal Finance - October 2015

"Planning for Later Life" - Personal Finance by Louise Taylor of Pilot Financial Planning Read more

Personal Finance

"I started in Guernsey at 16 and earned £4.75 a week! That was back in the day when there were no rules in the kitchen and all sorts of fighting; chefs against chefs, waiters against waiters. It’s all a bit more civilised now!" Read more


"My grandparents had a fish and chip shop so perhaps it’s in the blood! I always helped mum in the kitchen making Sunday roasts and jam tarts." Read more


"I’m from North India and love taking my children back home. I think it’s important for them to see a bit of their culture and heritage…their roots. As we say: “Give them roots to grow and wings to fly, then they will find their own destination”." Read more


Half a century in Dartmouth - a survey, street by street, of how shops and businesses in this small but important West Country town have been transformed in a lifetime. Read more

Local History

With a lifetime of links to the town, Victoria and Kenners are the archetypal Dartmouth naval couple. Read more


Elections in 1859 were very different from today: it was dubbed the time of the ‘rotten borough’ and Dartmouth was the site of an election as rotten as a very rotten thing. Read more

Local History

Hero & Spy Catcher - by Phil Scoble Read more

Local History

Health & Beauty - October 2015

Now Wash Your Hands - Health & Beauty by Rowena Kitchen Read more

Health & Beauty

Property View - October 2015

Busiest August for Years - Property View by Richard Blake, Local Estate Agent Read more

Property View, By Richard Blake, local estate agent