November 2011 Issue

November 2011 The Dart Front Cover

The following articles are just a selection of those that appeared in the November 2011 issue of By The Dart magazine (see cover opposite).

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Communication has changed a bit over the last few years – just a few years ago everyone had a landline and bought the local paper and that was it. Read more

Local Services

A new film has been filmed off the South Devon coast which will commemorate one of the Second World War’s greatest tragedies, featuring specifically written music and a moving commemorative service. Read more

There’s a new team at the sports bar on Dartmouth’s South Embankment. Chris and Liz Moseley have taken over the helm, renaming Birssy’s with the quirky (but obvious, given its location!) ‘The Crab and Bucket’. Read more


Dartmouth was again graced by Eos one of the world’s most expensive and largest privately-owned sailing vessels. Read more

River Dart

Eileen Parkes was a late convert to golf - taking her architect husband Sid to the Dartmouth Golf and Country Club for his fiftieth birthday with friends, she found this was a hobby they both could share. Read more


Dartmouth has featured on TV this month and been filmed to appear in a special programme next year. Read more

Dartmouth is famous for its involvement in D-Day but 797 years earlier another huge flotilla of boats had set out to war from the harbour: on the Second Crusade. Read more

Andrew and Karen Jones, who own and manage the well-known South Devon company, celebrate 10 successful years with Coast & Country Cottages this month. Read more

Business Directory

Duke Street, Clarence Street and Clarence Hill lie in the centre of Dartmouth, each with a rich history and strong historical ties. Read more

Sitting in a light room looking out over the river Dart at Dittisham, Brian Patten laughs as he recalls how he, Roger McGough and Adrian Henri – the fabled ‘Mersey Beat Poets’ of the 1960s - were described by one critic as ‘a flash in the pan’. Read more


The Flavel has a new General Manager on board. Ian Blackwell joined the team this summer and has settled into his role at the Dartmouth arts centre Read more


Dartmouth Community Sergeant Iain Simons thinks there is a need for even more cohesion in the community as changes in police working take effect. Read more


Nature Notes November 2011

Living in the South West, we are fortunate in being in one of the best parts of the country to see Cetaceans. Read more

Nature Notes

Around Kingswear - November 2011

Mike Trevorrow brings By The Dart the latest from Around Kingswear. Read more

Around Kingswear

The Dartmouth Gardener - November 2011

"Fruits of One's Labour" - The Dartmouth Gardener by Alex Webster Read more

The Dartmouth Gardener

Personal Finance - November 2011

'Financial Planning' - Personal Finance, by Ian Thomas of Pilot Financial Planning Read more

Personal Finance

The project to revamp the Dart Harbour site at Hoodown will take more than 6 months to complete, cost in the region of £750,000 and has faced many challenges – so why did the authority choose to undertake it? Read more

River Dart

Health & Beauty - November 2011

Make Mine a Gin and Tonic - Health and Beauty by Rowena Kitchen Read more

Health & Beauty

Property View - November 2011

Local Market Still Positive - Property View by Richard Blake Read more

Property View, By Richard Blake, local estate agent

Garden Design - November 2011

Scented Spring Shrubs - Garden Design by Colette Charsley Read more

Colette Charsley