May 2011 issue

May 2011 The Dart Front Cover

The following articles are just a selection of those that appeared in the May 2011 issue of By The Dart magazine (see cover opposite).

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The Kitchen Shop in Foss Street, Dartmouth celebrates its 25th Anniversary on 1st May and Patricia Candy the owner is planning to celebrate! Read more

Business Directory

Behind The Scenes at the Tor Quarry Recycling Centre. Read more

Local Services

Pete Basnett, Manager of Sainsbury's Dartmouth branch, chats to By the Dart.. Read more


30 years in Dartmouth Read more


Saunterer Yacht

© Andy Carter

This is the tale of how a yacht has taken a Dartmouth couple on an amazing adventure: raising funds for an expedition to the Antarctic marking 100 years since the Scott Expedition. Read more

Holly Jones tells us of her experience of filming a television programme at Manna from Devon Cooking School. Read more

Food & Drink

Fingals 30th Birthday celebrations Read more

Business Directory

How Regulars Stayed True To Their Camped-Out Café Read more

Food & Drink

The Lone Swimmer

image by Lisa Wyman

‘The lone swimmer slipped through the water like a hunting shark. Hour after hour he kept at it and every 30 yards he touched the end of the pool and began another length in pursuit of one of the world’s loneliest titles.’ Read more

Eyes Along The Coast - The National Coastwatch Institution - by Bob Tozer Read more

Beaches & Sea

Angela White and Brian Langworthy, designer and curator of Dartmouth Museum, are a formidable team. With a team of volunteers and fundraisers behind them they have transformed Dartmouth Museum over the last six years. Read more

About D'mouth

Growing and Caring. Alison Stocks On The Rise And Rise Of Dartmouth Caring. Read more

Clubs & Societies

How the Festival Theatre Paignton gave the former Regatta Chairman some of his best memories – including hair-raising moments during the Sound of Music, chatting to Jill Dando and Les Dawson and singing with Howard Keel. Read more


Dartmouth’s Deputy Mayor, Iris Pritchard, On Why It’s Time To Leave The Town Council. Read more


Martin Nutt, Dartmouth Rotary Club President, talked to By the Dart about International Aid and Local Support. Read more


A day in the life of the Dartmouth Tourist Information Centre, with manager Sue Thompson. Read more

For Visitors

Nature Notes - May 2011

The many wildflowers in the hedgerows, field margins and waste corners are now bursting forth and rapidly growing in response to the warmer days and longer daylight. Read more

Nature Notes

Around Kingswear - May 2011

News from the sunny side by Mike Trevorrow. Read more

Around Kingswear

Property View - May 2011

Empty offices to housing plan. By Richard Blake, Local Estate Agent Read more

Property View, By Richard Blake, local estate agent