May 2014 issue

By The Dart May 2014 front cover

Dartmouth-based Golf Pro, David Bown enjoyed a trip of a lifetime to the 2014 USA Golf Major Read more

Property View - May 2014

Gearing Up After Easter - Property view by Richard Blake, Local Estate Agent Read more

Property View, By Richard Blake, local estate agent

Garden Design - May 2014

You Got Rhythm, You Got Music? - Garden Design by Colette Charsley Read more

Colette Charsley

The Dartmouth Gardener - May 2014

"Jungle Boogie" - The Dartmouth Gardener by Alex Webster. Read more

The Dartmouth Gardener

Dartmouth and Kingswear are two towns defined, in many ways, by their relationship with the river Dart. Read more

Local History

Health & Beauty May 2014

Pleased to meet you - Health & Beauty by Rowena Kitchen Read more

Health & Beauty 2 Comments

Personal Finance - May 2014

"Are Annuities a Bad Deal?" - Personal Finance by Ian Thomas of Pilot Financial Planning Read more

Personal Finance

Kingswear and the Royal Dart Hotel were part of some of the Second World War’s most exciting and clandestine activities as the home of the 15th Gunboat Flotilla: HMS Cicala. Read more

Local History

Our personal fitness guide by Harry Fenton Read more

Walking & Outdoors

Family Favourites - May 2014. Buckfastleigh, Buckfast Butterflies and Dartmoor Otter Sanctuary, Totnes Littlehempston Railway, Totnes Rare Breeds Farm, Dartmouth Steam Railway Read more

Family Activities

Born in Norwich, Francesca Johnson had to grow up quickly due to her family situation, but she didn’t let it get her down. Read more


Ella Chivers sits in the boardroom of Ribeye’s Dartmouth headquarters and looks relaxed and happy. She is in her third year as Marketing Director at the company started by her father Charles and seems to be relishing the challenge. Read more


Kevin Pyne – poet, boatman and community activist - is making wooden pins in his garage as we catch up and chat about his life. It’s a perfect illustration of the work ethic that has run throughout his life. Read more


Retiring after a long career in book publishing, Richard Webb looks back. Read more


“Since the BID vote, which showed a majority of business rate payers who voted to support our business plan, we’ve been working very hard,” says Paul Reach, Dartmouth BID chairman. Read more


Time to sort out the fishing tackle. Sigh. Do I really want to go through it all again? Read more

Around Kingswear - May 2014

Mike Trevorrow brings us the latest from Around Kingswear Read more

Around Kingswear

Local doctor, Graham Lockerbie, is now in a senior role at NHS South West Read more


Though retired, Tony Fyson MBE, Chairman of the Community Bookshop, Chairman of the Dartmouth and Kingswear Society and Town Councillor is a busy man. Read more


By The Dart interviews the latest in a long line of the men in charge of Dartmouth's Britannia Royal Naval College Read more