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Christmas 2014: Church services in/around Dartmouth & local villages Read more

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Sitting on Mayor’s Avenue, just in front of the Arts Centre that takes its name, is the Flavel Methodist Church. It is named after a man who had a life so full of adventure, strife and flights from danger... Read more

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It is a sad fact, with our busy lives, that we are all too unfamiliar with the familiar! Read more

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After more than a year with no captain at the helm, due to the traditional church custom of keeping a period of interregnum between clergy, Father Will is the new vicar of the Parish of Dartmouth and Dittisham. Read more


The church of St Petrox perches above the mouth of the river like a guardian but its exposed position has presented it with problems and challenges. Read more

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The bells of St Saviour’s and St Petrox churches in Dartmouth have been a constant presence in the town for hundreds of years. Read more

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Dartmouth is a town which has never had more than 7,000 inhabitants – and yet at one point it had four Church of England churches – not to mention the Catholic, Methodist and Baptist places of worship. Read more

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St Georges Dittisham

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Beautiful villages surround Dartmouth and most of them have stunning and interesting churches. Read more

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