Life Aboard

Marianne lives aboard the MV Treshnish on the River Dart with her husband Nigel.

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Is it boats or me? I don’t seem able to function sensibly ashore any more. Read more


Outboards. I’ve snapped. They’ve pulled my cord once too often. Read more


This column would have been better written on Halloween! Read more

In the event that you go mad and decide to test the strength of your relationship - live on a boat! You can’t just flounce out of the front door. Read more


Time to sort out the fishing tackle. Sigh. Do I really want to go through it all again? Read more

This is preposterous. I mean, it’s a harbour not the Bay of Biscay. What nincompoop said, “Any port in a storm”? Read more

I was perched in the wheelhouse peeling silvery mackerel scales off my socks – don’t ask – and realised that we’ve been on the boat now for two years! I dread to think what I look like. Read more

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We had just retired and thought “Oh, let’s live on a boat, why not? After all it’s just a house that floats, isn’t it!” Read more

It’s been a steep learning curve for the newest recruits to Dartmouth’s live-aboard boating community, but Nigel and Marianne Bartram say they wouldn’t move ashore again if you paid them. Read more

River Dart 3 Comments

It could only happen on the Dart! A dinghy pulled up with three on board. I went on deck, they cheerfully announced that they were Jehovah’s Witnesses and offered me some leaflets! Read more