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The following articles are just a selection of those that appeared in the June 2008 issue of By The Dart magazine (see cover opposite).

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“Railway Bridge plans blocked” may have been the headlines in the Chronicle in March 1861. Of great relevance then and perhaps even greater today, this decision by the House of Lords played a major part in shaping not only Dartmouth’s future... Read more

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By The Dart interview Ray Benson, the Landlord of the famous Ferry Boat Inn at Dittisham Read more


In the West Country, Artist and Sailor must be two of the best jobs to be had and Amanda Hoskins does both extremely well. She talks to By The Dart. Read more

About D'mouth

Emilie Clarke & Alan Heard of Compass Office Shop. Read more

Business Directory

Anyone who has shopped for meat in Dartmouth will have come across Jilly Rowdon. Read more