December 2016 issue

Property View - December 2016

A critical shortage of property for sale - Property View by Richard Blake, Local Estate Agent Read more

Property View, By Richard Blake, local estate agent

Personal Finance - December 2016

"Autumn Statement 2016 – What it Means for Your Personal Finances" - Personal Finance by Ian Thomas of Pilot Financial Planning Read more

Personal Finance

Hidden away just behind Blackpool Sands there’s another world of full bodied reds, crisp whites and juicy rosés. Michael Sutton’s Cellar has been supplying wines from around the world to local families and businesses for over 30 years. Read more


"It’s a place for young and old to meet and socialise. Gone are the days when visitors were expected to be quiet and librarians spent their time shushing everyone! It’s a very positive place to work." Read more


"I oversee the management and upkeep of local public spaces, play parks and woodlands. " Read more

"We are the eyes and ears of the council - always out and about in our vans armed with our iPads." Read more


Julian Holliss has petrol in his blood, as it were! He grew up at the Totnes Cross filling station watching farm vehicles fill up, he went on to work for BP as a Commission Operator and now his family-run business operates three South Hams forecourts Read more


There is a new man in charge at Britannia Royal Naval College. Captain Jolyon Woodard has taken over as the Commanding Officer. Read more


By The Dart catches up with a few of the major helpers behind the Dartmouth Indoor Pool Project before its opening on December 3 2016. Read more

The day the country comes to town. Read more