December 2013 issue

Ideas to keep the children occupied - December 2013. Bayards Cove; The Flavel library; River Dart Country Park; Carol Services. Read more

Family Activities

The Dartmouth Dog Walker - December 2013

Signs your dog is happy, or not - The Dartmouth Dog Walker by Lesley Scoble-Ash Read more

Dartmouth Dog Walker

Property View - December 2013

Shortage of property coming to market - Property view by Richard Blake, Local Estate Agent Read more

Property View, By Richard Blake, local estate agent

Personal Finance - December 2013

'10 Questions to Ask Your Financial Adviser ' - Personal Finance by Ian Thomas of Pilot Financial Planning Read more

Personal Finance

Health & Beauty - December 2013

Christmas is Coming - Health & Beauty by Rowena Kitchen Read more

Health & Beauty

I was perched in the wheelhouse peeling silvery mackerel scales off my socks – don’t ask – and realised that we’ve been on the boat now for two years! I dread to think what I look like. Read more

River Dart 1 Comments

Around Kingswear - December 2013

Mike Trevorrow brings us the latest from Around Kingswear Read more

Around Kingswear

Nature Notes for December 2013

As we get to the end of the year one can look back and make a judgment on how wildlife fared over the year. Read more

Nature Notes

The Dartmouth Gardener - December 2013

"I’ll try something new" - The Dartmouth Gardener by Alex Webster Read more

The Dartmouth Gardener

There can be few men to have featured so strikingly in many of the Second World War’s most iconic and bloody episodes as Capt Robert Franks. Read more

Local History

Local artist, Andras Kaldor escaped to England from Hungary in the 1950s, eventually settling in Dartmouth, where he became one of famous 'Dartmouth Five' artists. Read more


Fibre optics scientist Mark Farries has been Dart Sailability's Principal since 2005 helping disabled sailors get out onto the water. Read more

People 1 Comments

If you have bashed, cut or cracked yourself in the town of Dartmouth in the last twenty years, then there is a good chance you will have come into contact with Richard Danckwerts, nurse for Dartmouth Hospital in the Minor Injuries Unit. Read more


There is an open secret in Dartmouth: nestled along Higher Street is an establishment which many men of Dartmouth frequent. Read more


Lori Chilton has retired to Dartmouth having spent thirty years in senior roles in the UK Prison Service. She was much admired and has had an important influence on how the UK rehabilitates its criminals. Read more


Val Bird is stepping down from her successful stint as the secretary of the Dartmouth Food Festival during which time she has helped oversee its growth in size and popularity Read more


Katie Frank's passion is a herd of alpacas. Read more