Dartmouth Regatta

Dartmouth's biggest event and popular across the South West - for over 190 years, the 'Royal' Regatta has celebrated Dartmouth's affinity with the River Dart. Taking place in late August there are plenty of waterborne and land events.

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With the focus this year moving from the air show to entertainment on land and water, now’s a great time to look at the more quirky and unusual events at Regatta. And maybe put your name down to compete in a few... Read more

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New 2016 Dartmouth Regatta Chairman, Ed Botterill confirms that the Red Arrows will be limited to just two fly pasts this year - BUT, Volvo Cars confirmed as new headline sponsor Read more

Festivals & Events

Ed Botterill is the new man at the helm of the Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta and planning to steer it smoothly through the next three years. Read more


“In 1920 the event attracted more than 20,000 people, showing that the country was tired of austerity and death, and wanted something to celebrate.” Read more

Hilary Bastone joined the Dartmouth Regatta committee in 1975,– he stayed for 25 years, taking on most of the major roles on the committee and, incidentally, inviting a little-known air display team to perform at the town event too. Read more


Over 100 years ago there was a Pilot gig called the ‘Lightning’ based here on the river Dart. She was rowed by a hearty crew of strong men who would race out of the river as soon as a homeward bound sailing ship was sighted. Read more

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Gig Rowing has exploded in popularity over the last few decades – from a Cornish-only pursuit, there are now Gig Rowing Clubs all over the South West and beyond. But what is a Pilot Gig? Read more

River Dart

The firework displays are a huge attraction at the Regatta each year and are watched by some 50,000 people who not only line the viewing points on both Dartmouth and Kingswear banks but from a myriad of boats on the Dart. Read more

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Some familiar Dartmouth faces reminisce memories of their first regattas. Read more

Festivals & Events

20 interesting facts you may not know about Dartmouth's Royal Regatta. Read more

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