Dartmouth Green Partnerships

Rain or shine, day or night, there’s a merry bunch of green-fingered volunteers who work tirelessly to keep Dartmouth’s flowerbeds colourful, hanging baskets watered and our roses well pruned! Read more


"I've travelled in Europe and further afield including Egypt, Nepal, China, Burma, Peru and Bolivia while I was working and have to say the townscape of Dartmouth is pretty special" Read more


Dartmouth Green Partnerships is the new name for Dartmouth in Bloom, reflecting the holistic approach advocated by the Royal Horticultural Society. Read more

Clubs & Societies

On Tuesday 15 July Dartmouth flower displays, parks and green spaces are being judged by RHS South West in Bloom. ‘The town must look its best if we are to win Gold again’, said Stevie Rogers, Chairman of Dartmouth Green Partnerships (DGP). Read more