Dartmouth Ferries

An essential guide to the local ferries over the festive period between Kingswear & Dartmouth. Read more


The Higher Ferry runs from Dartmouth's North Embankment (near the Floating Bridge pub) across to Kingswear. Read more


Travel from Dittisham to Greenway via water ferry. Read more


31-year-old Hannah Barton has been working on the Lower Ferry since September 2015. She’s now just a couple of months away from officially being the first ever woman to drive the historic vessel. Read more


Dartmouth and Kingswear are two towns defined, in many ways, by their relationship with the river Dart. Read more

Local History

We are delighted to announce our ferry service from Dartmouth to Greenway now operates EVERY DAY, from March 23rd 2016. Truly making there no better, easier or popular way to arrive at Greenway House than by river boat. Read more


The Passenger Ferry runs from Dartmouth's Town Quay to the quay in Kingswear. It is operated by the Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boat Company. Click here for times and fares. Read more

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The Lower Ferry, operated by South Hams District Council, runs from Dartmouth's South Embankment across to Kingswear Village. Click here for times and fares. Read more