August 2011 Issue

August 2011 The Dart Front Cover

The following articles are just a selection of those that appeared in the August 2011 issue of By The Dart magazine (see cover opposite).

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Woodlands - one of South Devon’s most famous attractions - is a clear success story, built on a strong sense of family. Read more


If you are someone who loves to see beautiful ships sailing into the Dart regularly, you may also wonder how a couple of relatively small buoys can keep such large vessels still against the in and out-rushing tide. Read more

River Dart

“In 1920 the event attracted more than 20,000 people, showing that the country was tired of austerity and death, and wanted something to celebrate.” Read more

Reflections of South Hams by Nigel Evans

© Nigel Evans

Nigel Evan’s first illustrated book, “Reflections of Dartmouth”, was published in 2008, and after receiving critical acclaim and becoming a No 1 Bestseller in the Western Morning News, it was reprinted in 2009. Read more

Things to Do

Everyone’s heard of them, most people will have seen them, and if you’ve seen them, chances are you will love them. Read more

Hilary Bastone joined the Dartmouth Regatta committee in 1975,– he stayed for 25 years, taking on most of the major roles on the committee and, incidentally, inviting a little-known air display team to perform at the town event too. Read more


The next leg of the journey on board the River Rat leads us from Totnes to Dittisham, taking in the hidden treasures pointed out by skipper Tim Burke along the route. Read more

River Dart

Sir Peter Blake C.B.E. R.A. is to visit Coombe Gallery in Foss Street on 12th August 2011 to open a new exhibition of his signed silkscreen prints entitled ‘Treasures by Selection’. Read more

About D'mouth

Kids in the Kitchen, Food & Drink from the Manna from Devon Cooking School, Kingswear. Read more

Dartmouth is place you love to walk around – the historic buildings, beautiful views, interesting shops and friendly people. It’s difficult to imagine the town being any different but Dartmouth was claimed and created, bit by bit. Read more

By Karen Jones, owner of Coast & Country Cottages, the leading holiday home rental business for South Devon. Read more


He was nearly a Monk but now having been elected as Mayor, Paul Allen intends to lead his local council, with the aim to help it become more energetic in responding to the needs of the Community. Read more


Dartmouth Kitchens may be a new name to the South Hams but owner David Richards is well known in the area having been designing and fitting kitchens in Dartmouth for a number of years. Read more

Business Directory

We do our best to protect buildings that are old in Britain. If you own a house or building today which has ‘listed’ status, you know what a headache that can be. Read more

Everywhere on the River you see these little boats with yellow tops busily cruising the river from Dartmouth to Totnes. Where are they from and whose are they? Read more

Things to Do

Like many places in Dartmouth, Bayard’s Cove is a beautiful place, soaked in history and beloved by all who visit it – but surely Bayard’s Cove is the most NAMED place in the whole of the town. Read more

Castles & Historic Places

Annette Rosser is a friendly and chatty member of the local community. Her skills in talking and listening to anyone were honed with years of youth work, for which she was recognised and honoured by local organisations. Read more


Sainsbury’s manager Pete Basnett describes a typical day in Dartmouth’s biggest superstore. Read more


Dart Harbour senior administrator Penny Johns outlines a typical day in the life the Harbour Authority during the summer. Read more

River Dart

Nature Notes for August 2011

In Britain, we have eight species of the mustelid family. This includes two of our favourite mammals, the badger and the otter, and two of my favourites, the ferocious stoat and weasel and one we could well do without, the escaped North American Mink Read more

Nature Notes