August 2009 Issue

August 2009 By The Dart Front Cover

The following articles are just a selection of those that appeared in the August 2009 issue of By The Dart magazine (see cover opposite).

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The entrance to the landlocked haven of Dartmouth estuary is flanked on either side by high cliffs and always has been difficult to detect from the sea. Read more

Castles & Historic Places

Helen Deakin lived in Rugby for 25 years but has recently moved to Dartmouth, back to her native South-West (she is originally from Truro). Helen is a professional musician. She gained a first class degree from the Royal Academy of Music. Read more


Famous Sons & Daughters No.3: John Hawley dominated Dartmouth life in the Middle Ages. A wealthy merchant and landowner, local politician, skilful mariner, privateer, battle hero, he was also a legendary pirate! Read more

Local History