August 2016 issue

Property View - August 2016

Positive Attitude - Property View by Richard Blake, Local Estate Agent more

Property View, By Richard Blake, local estate agent

Personal Finance - August 2016

"Investing After the EU Referendum" - Personal Finance by Ian Thomas of Pilot Financial Planning more

Personal Finance

BRNC Exercises 4.jpg

Britannia Royal Naval College Exercises on the River Dart

Each summer over 100 officer cadets take part in a disaster relief mission on the River Dart. The teams from the Royal Naval College are given a made-up scenario, which usually involves aggressive militants, gunfire and toxic waste. more

About D'mouth

Phil Hayward and his Blueriver Cottages agency has been a neighbour of By The Dart on Hauley Road in Dartmouth for the last three years. more


"I help parents and carers in the Dartmouth area - offering support with feeding, toilet training, behaviour, play, speech and sleeping – pretty much every issue a parent might come across in the first few years." more


"No, I much prefer it here in Dartmouth. In a small town you get to know your regulars and it’s nice keeping up with their news. In London you could have 20 patients through your door one day and never see any of them again." more


"What’s it like being a local GP? Challenging yet rewarding. Tiring yet invigorating. No two days are the same and I love it." more


Landlady, music promoter, taxi driver, shop owner, regatta organiser and newspaper editor - Gina Coles has had various jobs and responsibilities over the past 30 years and now she’s taking on a brand new challenge. more


Kym has worked here for 27 years. Once a residential home, it’s now a social centre for day visitors. She calls it a ‘home from home’ not just for her but the various elderly folk who regularly visit for a cup of tea a chat and an extra hot vindaloo! more


The Dartmouth Food Festival is now in its 14th year attracting over 20,000 people to see chefs in action in this beautiful town. more

Festivals & Events

With the focus this year moving from the air show to entertainment on land and water, now’s a great time to look at the more quirky and unusual events at Regatta. And maybe put your name down to compete in a few... more

Festivals & Events

The Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta is one of the most popular, eclectic and spectacular events held in the South West. more

Festivals & Events