A Day in the Life

Nigel Thomas is the engineer for the last remaining coal fired paddle steamer in the UK, the Kingswear Castle. Nigel has worked on the vessel since 2007 – he first joined as a volunteer and embarked on a more involved position in 2008. Read more


Dee Nutt gives an overview of daily life in Dartmouth Caring Read more


Sainsbury’s manager Pete Basnett describes a typical day in Dartmouth’s biggest superstore. Read more


The doors at Fresh Dental Care open at 8.30am to greet their first patients of the day. For the dentists at Fresh Dental Care, it’s another round of check ups, treatments and the occasional emergency patient who arrives at the surgery. Read more

Local Services

Life at the Academy - which is just starting its second year as an all through educational campus for nursery to19 year olds – is always hectic, fun and challenging for its staff – and no less for Principal Nick Hindmarsh. Read more

People can sometimes be defined by their jobs – police officers, doctors, politicians – because of what they do people often make judgements about them or their lives. Read more


A day in the life of the Dartmouth Tourist Information Centre, with manager Sue Thompson. Read more

For Visitors

Dartmouth Leisure Centre Activities Manager Andy Lawrence takes us through a typical day at the Norton Sports Complex. Read more


Dart Harbour senior administrator Penny Johns outlines a typical day in the life the Harbour Authority during the summer. Read more

River Dart