The most dog friendly places in Dartmouth


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Dog friendly?

Hi there, I appreciate this list of dog friendly places! Is this list still current? We're planning a month long sabbatical to Dartmouth spring of 2018 and we're bringing our two small dogs! Thank you, Leslie

Leslie Phinney more than 2 years ago

Generally Friendly

Hi, we visit Devon once or twice a year (we're going Saturday for a week), we stay at Gara Mill Lodges (self-catering, dog friendly) and take our 3 small dogs! There are always places that are dog-friendly - I am unsure if this list is still up to date however if not, there will always be places that allow dogs, most places do in the area - it's really common, we've been to pubs, cafe's, restaurants, had cream tea's all with the dogs inside and have never looked for places pre-visit so there will be loads of places - have fun with your furry friends!

Kirsty Hooper more than 2 years ago