A Life Aboard: The beginning

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Ahoy there Paula !

Apologies for late reply - things have been a little - um - difficult lately! Nearly died and all that! But don't let it put you and your sister off - go for it. You won't regret it...As I recall Hub went on his Day Skipper Theory Course in Dartmouth and the Harbour Office at Oxford Street will be able to give all the details - there is also a Competent Crew course worth doing. They cost quite a lot though - around £300 as I recall. They take around 3 days. Tidal awareness comes in time and I would advise you to ask the experts - you can talk to most sailors in the Dolphin in Market Square. Or, if you are up for being bored to death, Hub will explain in detail. (He's really nice). About the only thing I feel I can be sure is, is to wear a life jacket at all times! You sound like exactly the sort of ladies who are needed on the Dart and we are now on our winter mooring by the Station Cafe, next to the ferries - come and visit, we'll show you round. She's a bit damp and mouldy just now but we will dry her out soon. Thank you for you email again and hope we meet soon! All the best - Marianne and Hub. x

Marianne Bartram more than 4 years ago

Hello or should i say Ahoy!!

Hi Marianne and Hub same here sorry for the very late reply to your message, time does fly. Yes will definitely have to come and see you both probably have to wait a couple of months as i am back working full time as from next week. ( I work for the National Trust ), and my sister is recovering from illness. Plus it will be a bit warmer by then hopefully. I do hope you are both keeping well and still
enjoying yourselves, take care and see you soon. Paula and Jacque x

paula cox more than 2 years ago

Living the Dream

Hi my sister and i have been reading your articles as you are both really inspiring we are the same we want to buy a little boat to potter up and down the dart but we have no experience between us we just know that we love the sea and cant think of anything better to do in our spare time. Unfortunately i have to work and have a full time job well i do have two days off a week but we really want to get a little boat. We dont have a clue about tides or anything can you give us some advice i do like the sound of the crew man course you did where did you do that anyway it looks like you are still enjoying your boating life all the best to you both.

paula cox more than 4 years ago