The Team at Natwest Bank, Dartmouth

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email address of Mrs Shauna Sherriff

I had an account with NatWest in 2014. Mrs Shauna Sherriff was so kind to open this for me. I live in The Netherlands but through circomstances I had to have a bank account in England. My partner was then living in a home in Dartmouth. I closed the account down in December 2014 as I thought I would not need it any longer. My partner moved to Amsterdam but now I would like to open an account at NatWest again. I will be in Dartmouth next thursday and would like to know whether I could make an appointment with Mrs Shauna Sherriff who was very helpful in the past. I would like to know what I need
to take with me to open an account again. I would like to approach Mrs Shauna Sherriff to make an appointment. Thank you for your attention

Veronica J.M. Temme more than 4 years ago