Life Aboard- December 2014

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What an adventure!

Marianne! So glad to see you and Nigel are doing so well, and your writing is so funny! Your life must be full of adventures and you both have a great sense of humour. We used to work together but it didn't suit either of us (cooped up in a tiny boring office!), I'm so happy you are living such a crazy, fun, free life.
Hope you both have a lovely Christmas!
Kim (Harman)

Seraphine Harman more than 5 years ago

Ye gods!

I always felt you were something special. _ and that office really was crap, wasn't it? What with that fat bastard giving us grief at every opportunity. I am persuaded that if there is any justice in this world, you have a Cambridge doctorate by now. Any time you fancy visiting an old wooden rust-bucket, just say the word. Meanwhile, I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!. M and N x.

Marianne Bartram more than 5 years ago

Afraid not...

No doctorates and no Cambridge! I did a degree in History & Classics and now I'm doing one in Law. I'm in Plymouth now so not way too far out! I Googled your name by chance, was hoping there was some clue in the wide web of how you're getting on.... didn't predict you would be living on a boat but if anyone I knew would do it...! :)

Kim more than 5 years ago


I look forward to the day when I am in the gallery of the old Bailey hearing you employing charientism when you really want to say "You are a murdering b*****d"! I shall no doubt need to employ your services when we endure a duntle from the next uninsured WAFI (wind assisted flaming idiot) crashes into us having put out no fenders. Naturally I shall expect mates rates! Much love, Nigel & Marianne xx.

Nigel & Marianne more than 5 years ago