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horrible service

What safety advice would you give to car owners ?

Don't bring your car there!!!

I was taking my car (BMW e46 3 series) there at the end of last November(2015).
I gave them a small list to maintain on the car included the clutch to get changed. I called them 2 weeks later, and they said, they haven't done anything, since the parts haven't arrived yet. Next time I called them, I've got told by, then the throttle body got stuck, and the butterfly doesn't work.
They said, they can't change the clutch, until this is getting sorted. (???)
They were closed for 2 weeks in December.
I went there in January and one of the workers said about the throttle body, then "It's gonna be expensive!" So I bought a replacement part (second hand) for only 19£..
It took them for another month to change the throttle body.
In February I started to call them every day. They said, they are busy, and the clutch is still "on the floor". They stopped answering the phone after a while.
On the 18th of February i called them again. The man who was on the phone said, then they changed the clutch, and the throttle body is fitted in.
I went there, to pick up the car. I paid 716£ for their services.

They had to use a jumper cable to start my car. The whole backseat was molded...

During the test drive (on the way home) the brake pedal was kicking back every time I hit the brake (I never had this problem before)
I parked down my car, and the car is still there, since I cant start the engine, not even with a support of an other car and a jumper cable.
-The battery is completely dead.
-The spare wheel (100%, never used before) is missing.
-The BMW logo on the hood is damaged.
-The car doesn't start.
-The brakes are funny.

I called them the next day. The man on the phone was telling me, then they don't know anything about the missing spare wheel, since never opened my boot, because they were working on the clutch. A couple of minutes later, when I was asking about the flat battery, he said, they removed it, and tried to recharge it (the battery is in the boot). Not really smart...
So I was asking him, to get a trailer, bring the car back. The man said, they don't do recovery service.....

Gergely Biro more than 4 years ago