Health & Beauty May 2014

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Just take a chance

I once told a new acquaintance, when it became obvious that I was the one chasing the friendship, that it was very hard to meet new people at our time of life (60s) because we no longer had the freedom of the child on the playground to go up to someone new and just say, "will you be my friend?" I asked her outright if she was interested in us getting to know each other and possibly become good friends. When confronted she admitted she'd been a little worried about putting herself out there, but that my approach had given her much to think about (and also gave her some more insight into my character). We have now been great friends for a few years, and I have never regretted that I stepped out of my comfort zone and got us connected. Just take a chance.

Jennie O'Brien more than 6 years ago

Timely advice

Recently, I read recently that the most common complaint of the elderly is loneliness and isolation. I hope your thoughtful words will inspire other readers, not just me, to seize the opportunity to broaden our horizons. In the long run, It will benefit us all.

Rose more than 6 years ago


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