A Life Aboard: October 2014

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Back history on Treshnish

See http://www.lordamory.org/userfiles/mariner/Mariner%20-%20%20April%202011.pdf
for some of the history of your great and trusty Ship Treshnish Regards
Julian Cartwright- former skipper-look under Chairmans notes

Julian Cartwright more than 4 years ago


I am Steve the brother of that intrpid seafaring Marianne, a quick story, whilst earning my Green Beret we spent two weeks on Whale Island to get to from ship to shore we had to go across a few pontoons joined together by ropes, the pontoons had ropes at waist height to hold on to,I thought I would lean
on one for a rest and fell in the upper reaches of Portsmouth harbour including the instructors,one of my claim to fame.Anyone want some more stories.

Her brother Steve

Stephen Dubber more than 5 years ago